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Going Back to Home Phones

Do you remember the days before everyone on earth carried around a cell phone in their pocket? If you needed to get ahold of a friend, you called them when you knew they could answer. If you were out and about with your family, you didn't need to worry about staring at a little screen all day long to check emails and look for text messages. I was eager to get back to that simple way of life, which is why I banned cell phones for my family and installed traditional phone service. My blog discusses the benefits and drawbacks of traditional landlines, so that you can decide how you want to approach communication at home.

3 Phone Systems For Your Small Business

You need more than a simple phone line for your business. You need a phone system that will support your business's needs. Any sufficient phone system will include the key service unit, the private branch exchange, or the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

#1 Key Service Unit

Key service unit phone systems are one of the more classic business phone systems. A key service unit modifies an existing phone line. You don't have to have any additional lines installed. You can have multiple lines and extensions. It is a really affordable way to set-up a business phone system and doesn't require any permanent wiring changes, which is great if you are renting your location. This option works best for small operations.

#2 Private Branch Exchange

Private business exchange systems work best for medium-sized businesses. A small system is installed on-site. The system has to be installed by a professional and configured by one as well. It is made to work with a phone line, so you don't have to install a cable line for this phone system. Private branch exchanges have become more modern, and you can now send faxes and instant messages and even participate in video chats through a private branch exchange business phone system.

#3 Voice Over Internet Protocol

Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, is the one phone system that doesn't use the traditional phone line. Instead, it uses the internet connection at your business. You need a high-quality internet connection for this phone system to work. This phone system is great for both small and large businesses and can easily be scaled up.

VoIP systems work with traditional phones, but they also work over computers, tablets, and smartphones (basically anything with an internet connection). This can allow for off-site access to the business phone system and features, which is great for mobile businesses. As long as your employees have access to the internet, they can access their business phone number, text messages, and even participate in video conference calls. 

If you are a small business who just needs multiple lines, key service units are an affordable business phone solution. If you are a larger business and you need fax, video chat, and instant massaging along with your phone line, go with private branch exchange. If you want to ditch the phone line and need off-site access, go with a VoIP system. For more information regarding business phone systems, speak to a phone service provider in your area.