Going Back to Home Phones

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Going Back to Home Phones

Do you remember the days before everyone on earth carried around a cell phone in their pocket? If you needed to get ahold of a friend, you called them when you knew they could answer. If you were out and about with your family, you didn't need to worry about staring at a little screen all day long to check emails and look for text messages. I was eager to get back to that simple way of life, which is why I banned cell phones for my family and installed traditional phone service. My blog discusses the benefits and drawbacks of traditional landlines, so that you can decide how you want to approach communication at home.

Does Your Live 247 Answering Service Have What It Takes?

Wondering about how the best 24/7 answering services deliver benefits to their clients? If you're looking at purchasing these services from a firm, check out these absolutely crucial aspects of service and strategies that will make all the difference in this type of off-hours assistance. Addressing the Technology Gap The best call answering firms have cutting-edge technology at their disposal to assist clients. That means employing auto dialing and predictive tools for handling either incoming or outgoing calls, along with different kinds of customer relationship management tools that pop up on a telephone's digital screen during a call. Read More 

Balancing Voice And Data In The Same Business

For many businesses, installing a second Internet connection or managing a separate phone line is an expensive or overly troublesome task. Without proper configuration, you may have some serious performance issues or complete failure. As you plan a way to get all of your voice and data solutions under control, consider a few ways that a voice service technician can help. Why Would Voice And Data Together Be An Issue? Read More