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Going Back to Home Phones

Do you remember the days before everyone on earth carried around a cell phone in their pocket? If you needed to get ahold of a friend, you called them when you knew they could answer. If you were out and about with your family, you didn't need to worry about staring at a little screen all day long to check emails and look for text messages. I was eager to get back to that simple way of life, which is why I banned cell phones for my family and installed traditional phone service. My blog discusses the benefits and drawbacks of traditional landlines, so that you can decide how you want to approach communication at home.

Having The Right Medical Clinic Phone System Installed

When you manage a medical clinic, the phone system you opt to go with needs to be chosen with extreme care. Since you are dealing with medical patients, there is much more to consider than a simple system to answer phone calls and offer voicemail. You have privacy issues to concern yourself with and you need to make sure patients can get through and won't end up dealing with spotty phone service. Read More 

3 Phone Systems For Your Small Business

You need more than a simple phone line for your business. You need a phone system that will support your business's needs. Any sufficient phone system will include the key service unit, the private branch exchange, or the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). #1 Key Service Unit Key service unit phone systems are one of the more classic business phone systems. A key service unit modifies an existing phone line. You don't have to have any additional lines installed. Read More 

Why You Should Upgrade Your Outdated Business Phone Systems

When you are a business that heavily relies on the use of phone systems, you will want to make sure that you are upgrading the systems as newer and better options make themselves available. Learn why upgrading your business phone systems is such a good idea for your company by reading through the following information. You Won't Have As Many Dropped Calls Dropped calls are missed opportunities so you do not want to have many of those throughout the day. Read More 

The Cloud Or The Data Center: Their Differences And Why You Don’t Have To Choose

A growing business like yours needs more room to store data. Yet, you might be wondering why the Cloud would even be an option. They do some of the same things, including storing data. However, they are very different systems otherwise. Choosing one system over the other also seems challenging. Here are the differences between a data center and Cloud computing and why you do not have to settle for just one. Read More 

Three Key Questions To Ask Before Starting Employees On A Work-At-Home Program

Home workers are 13% more productive than their in-office counterparts—and they're happier and less likely to leave their jobs too. However, managing at-home employees can be difficult if you don't have the right mindset and the right tools for the job. Learn the key questions you need to ask before you start transitioning some of your staff to at-home employees. Do you have the right employees for the job? Most people would probably jump at the chance to work from home—the advantages of not having a long commute and being able to work in their pajamas if they want appeals to a lot of people. Read More